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2016-2017 Family TAG Handbook.pdf (English)

2016-2017 Family TAG Handbook Spanish.pdf (Spanish - Educacion para Ninos Dotados y Talentosos Manual para los Padres)

TAG Nomination Form  

2017-2018 TAG Educational Advisor (TEA) Contact Info by School

TEA 2017-2018 Schedule

TAG DAC 2017-2018 Schedule

Questions to Ask​ When Considering Open Enrollment

Subscribe to the BVSD TAG listserv (open to anyone who wants to receive enrichment activity and parent presentation information)  ​You may also subscribe to the Monthly Articles of Interest listserv​ which is sent each month during the school year and contains links to articles and resources concerning gifted education either directly or indirectly. 

Early Access to Kindergarten and First Grade for students who fail to meet the age requirements. Deadline April 3​​​​​​​​​, 2017.  

Early Access Schedule 2017-2018


Advanced Math Learner Support Plans LETTER

Advanced Math Learners Support Plans

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