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Guidelines for Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act prohibits discrimination based on disability. All staff and administrators have the responsibility of insuring that all students with disabilities are identified, evaluated and provided with needed accommodations and services, resulting in a free appropriate public education.

Please read all of the instructions and explanations below before downloading or filling out forms.

The BVSD Guidelines for Implementing Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act is a 68-page document, with an additional Parent's Guide. For your convenience, we have broken it down into six sections:

   1. Parent's Guide
   2. Background
   3. Procedural Requirements
   4. BVSD Process and Procedures
   5. Disabilities and Accommodations
   6. Forms and Tools

All the forms in the Forms and Tools Section are built to be filled out within your browser window. Simply put your cursor on the line, space, checkbox, etc, and it will allow you to "type" in data. However, you cannot save the filled-out document to file, or email it as an attachment. You must print off the completed form and submit it in hardcopy. You may save the filled-out document to a file.


 Information Section

504 FAQs.pdf504 FAQs

 Forms and Tools

A.1-Working Checklist Sp.pdfA.1-Working Checklist Sp
A.1-Working Checklist.pdfA.1-Working Checklist
A-Referral Form Sp.pdfA-Referral Form Sp
A-Referral Form.pdfA-Referral Form
B-Parent Notice of Referral  Conference Sp.pdfB-Parent Notice of Referral Conference Sp
B-Parent Notice of Referral and Conference.pdfB-Parent Notice of Referral and Conference
C-Notice and Consent for Initial Evaluation.pdfC-Notice and Consent for Initial Evaluation
C-Notice Consent for Initial Evaluation Sp.pdfC-Notice Consent for Initial Evaluation Sp
D-Student and Parent Rights.pdfD-Student and Parent Rights
D-Student Parent Rights Sp.pdfD-Student Parent Rights Sp
E-Release of Information Sp.pdfE-Release of Information Sp
E-Release of Information.pdfE-Release of Information
F-Physician or Professional Treatment Questionnaire Sp.pdfF-Physician or Professional Treatment Questionnaire Sp
F-Physician or Professional Treatment Questionnaire.pdfF-Physician or Professional Treatment Questionnaire
G-Eligibility and Accommodation Plan Sp.pdfG-Eligibility and Accommodation Plan Sp
G-Eligibility and Accommodation Plan.pdfG-Eligibility and Accommodation Plan
H-Notice of Accommodation-student copy Sp.pdfH-Notice of Accommodation-student copy Sp
H-Notice of Accommodation-student copy.pdfH-Notice of Accommodation-student copy
I-Review of Services Sp.pdfI-Review of Services Sp
I-Review of Services.pdfI-Review of Services
J-Accommodation Plan Notes Sp.pdfJ-Accommodation Plan Notes Sp
J-Accommodation Plan Notes.pdfJ-Accommodation Plan Notes
L-Complaint Form Sp.pdfL-Complaint Form Sp
L-Complaint Form.pdfL-Complaint Form
M-Request for Due Process Hearing.pdfM-Request for Due Process Hearing
M-Request for Due Process Sp.pdfM-Request for Due Process Sp
N-Disability Manifestation Determination.pdfN-Disability Manifestation Determination

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