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We believe that all children of Boulder Valley School District will have daily access to fresh flavorful and nutritious food made with wholesome and when possible, local ingredients, so that every child may thrive.

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What parents, students and staff are saying about the School Food Project:
SUPPORT FROM PARENTS: Thanks for all your hard work these past few years. What a concept-healthy food at school! One of my daughters favorite recipes is the garlic chicken pasta. She likes the pizza, quesadillas and burritos as well. So good job changing that on the menu! Carol B, LMS/CC parent *** I had to share this story with you. I have a 2nd grader at Ryan. He came home from school last week and said "Mom, you'll never believe it but I've fallen in love with a new food at school. It's squash and I want to eat it every day. I'd go to a squash restaurant." I just wanted to thank you for expanding my son's horizons. The lunch program is greatly improved and we appreciate it! Leanne L, Ryan parent  *** AWESOME! Thank You.  Joe H, BCSIS parent  *** As a parent, I just wanted to express how happy I have been with the hot lunch program. Here are 5 reasons why it is a great program to support: 1) Major hot lunch overhaul!  2) Organic and local food!  3) My child likes it – and he eats the salad bar!  4) This program needs support!  5) I don’t have to pack a lunch everyday! YIPPEE!  Molly M and Jen S, BCSIS parents  *** SUPPORT FROM STUDENTS   "Pizza and nacho day is EPIC!"  Lucy R, Manhattan Middle School   SUPPORT FROM STAFF  I am so appreciative of the positive support (the parent volunteer) group is bringing to our lunch program. I think the changes Ann Cooper has brought to our lunch program are amazing!  Phil Katsampes, Principal, BCSIS  *** Excellent lunch today! The sweet potatoes were better than what I make at home. Thanks for the real food. Please pass my compliments along to to your chefs and servers.  Lisa, Speech Language Specialist at Coal Creek   SUPPORT FOR RAINBOW DAYS  This event was a HUGE hit. "Making a rainbow" is a great visual to teach kids how to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Did you know that even if your child brings lunch from home, s/he can buy a side salad for $1.00? What a fantastic, low-cost way to get your kids eating more fruits and vegetables. All in all, a terrific event.  Julie H, Douglass parent  *** What a great idea! Remi came home today so excited about making a rainbow. She tried some different foods that she found she liked and had so much fun doing it. She mentioned that her friends would like to do this often. Thanks for making such a great effort in promoting healthy eating at school.  Traci H, Douglass parent  *** Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE this. Jasper came home talking about his 'rainbow', requested and ate plain lettuce with his dinner, and when he was still hungry after dessert, went and made himself another 'rainbow' with lettuce, grapes and strawberries. His 4-year old sister copied him and both kids polished off their entire bowlful of healthy stuff. I am SO impressed with this program! Rachel B, Douglass parent
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