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​​Current events and popular links! 
  • greenBVSD call for public feedback The Office of Sustainability is working hard to update BVSD’s Sustainability Management System, which is our plan for incorporating sustainability into operations and curriculum district-wide. We have met or exceeded most of our 5-year goals, and through a series of interviews with key staff and community members and utility data collection, we are updating the plan and creating new 5-year goals. We want your input! The draft will be available for community comment through November 26th. Please send comments to ghita.carroll@bvsd.org. Thank you! Draft SMS for comment​
  • It is time to sign up for this year’s Energy Challenge! Enrollment is now open for the 2014/15 Energy Challenge! BVSD’s Office of Sustainability and Energy Team are proud to continue this voluntary challenge, open to all BVSD schools. We hope this challenge will encourage students and staff to find new ways to reduce energy, create leadership opportunities for our students and educate our communities about opportunities for greening our schools. Please go to the Google doc link to read through the requirements (including Principal approval) and to sign your school up by the end of the month. Sign your school up today! The deadline is November 30.​

  • Boulder Prep wins the greenBVSD Energy Challenge! ​Overall, Boulder Prep's reduced its energy consumption for the month of February by 24 percent! Six schools were honored for their accomplishments in the 2013-2014 Energy Challenge! ​​ 
  • Sustainable Energy Plan builds on energy achievements​​  Last summer, the Energy Team completed a new Sustainable Energy Plan. This plan sets new five-six year targets, with the long term goal of zero-net energy capable buildings by 2050. The plan also provides detail on the methodology for achieving the new goals and specific strategies (including estimates on initial costs and ongoing savings).​ 
  • Seniors pledg​e to be green! ​This year, the Student Accountability Advisory Committee and the Office of Sustainability partnered to create a green graduation pledge for all seniors.  Students who signed the pledge wore a green bracelet at graduation.  Close to 300 seniors signed, and nearly all BVSD high schools participated!    

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