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​​Current events and popular links!
  • New Sustainable Energy Plan Released! ​​ Addressing district energy consumption is a key component of the District’s sustainability planning. Energy used for electricity, heating and cooling has a significant impact on the district’s budget and environmental footprint. There has been a great deal accomplished in the past few years to reduce energy consumption, and we are thrilled to report that in the past 3 years, energy use has decreased significantly, saving the district thousands of dollars. In fact, we met our five-year energy goal a year ahead of schedule!  This summer the Energy Team completed a new Sustainable Energy Plan. This plan sets new five-six year targets, with the long term goal of zero-net energy capable buildings by 2050. The plan also provides detail on the methodology for achieving the new goals and specific strategies (including estimates on initial costs and ongoing savings).​ 
  • The Wireless Alliance (TWA) is providing Multi-purpose Recycling Kiosks to all interested BVSD schools this year to encourage students and their families to recycle their old cell phones, ink, batteries, and small electronics. They are doubling their minimum payout for BVSD from 25¢ to 50¢ for every phone they collect, regardless of whether it works or not. Get details!
  • Seniors pledg​e to be green! ​This year, the Student Accountability Advisory Committee and the Office of Sustainability partnered to create a green graduation pledge for all seniors.  Students who signed the pledge wore a green bracelet at graduation.  Close to 300 seniors signed, and nearly all BVSD high schools participated!    
  • Employee Eco-Passes are here! Thanks to a partnership with BVSD's HR Department and the City of Boulder and Boulder County can purchase Eco-Passes at a discount! The bus passes are just one of many BVSD alternative transportation programs.
Sustainability Management System
The Boulder Valley School District is building on 20 plus years of environmental stewardship and embracing environmental sustainability at a new level. The district hired a Sustainability Coordinator in the summer of 2008 and created a Sustainability Management System in the 2008/2009 school year. In doing this, BVSD is better coordinating existing efforts, as well as defining goals and visions around sustainability at a district level for the first time.​
BV​SD is striving toward net zero energy* buildings with 100 percent reuse of indoor water and no potable water used for irrigation.​

    BVSD is s​triving for non-toxic environments at all school and building sites and properties. L​ong-term, BVSD would also like all purchases to follow best green practices and zero waste at all sites. BVSD is striving to provide healthy foods for all BVSD students.


    Long-term visions in the area of transportation include having all students busing, walking, biking or carpooling to school and lowering the emissions of BVSD’s fleet through the use of hybrid buses and alternative fuels and efficient busing schedules.

    BVSD is striving to have all students literate in sustainability upon graduation, and all staff incorporating sustainability into their positions and practices.

    BVSD’s long-term goal concerning climate is to have an 80 percent reduction, or be climate neutral by 2050. Many of the goals and strategies outlined in previous sections affect BVSD’s greenhouse gas emissions, which is why climate is an overarching theme, rather than a stand alone.

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