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Crest View Elementary School


1897 Sumac Avenue
Boulder, CO 80304
Phone: 720.561.5461
Fax: 720.561.2855
Attendance: 720.561.5459
Website: schools.bvsd.org/p12/crestview

Daily Schedule:  7:50-2:30
Enrollment (FTE):  569.5
Funded Headcount:  607
Student/Teacher Ratio: 16/4
Principal:  Ned Levine

Crest View Elementary School




 About Our School


Points of Pride

  • Crest View is a neighborhood school striving to develop competent, confident and compassionate citizens able to contribute and compete in tomorrow’s society.
  • We are proud of our student achievements in critical thinking and creative problem solving through application of fundamental academic skills.
  • Students participate in serving our school and community through collaborative learning and peer resolution programs.
  • We have extensive parent contributions to our academic, cultural, and environmental programs as an extension of the faculty.

Academic Goals
Crest View flagstone monument signAchievement:  Improve Mathematics scores for all students through rigorous and relevant curriculum/instruction.  Equity:  Narrow achievement gap in Mathematics for meal assistance students.  Organization:  Continue to provide a safe, civil and inclusive environment so that positive growth occurs for all students.

School Profile
Crest View is a community school, serving an area from 65th Street to Broadw
ay and Iris to Monarch Road. The area encompasses mixed housing. The student body has a higher minority and poverty percentage than the entire District demographically, while their achievements have always been way above average. Crest View is accredited by the State of Colorado. We offer a comprehensive program of academic, fine arts, physical and health services that provide a well-rounded educational foundation for your child.  We believe in empowering our students with problem solving and mediation skills as part of an assets building program that is recognized statewide for its excellence.  Intensive literacy support is provided in the primary grades to reduce class sizes to the smallest possible. Services for English Language Learners follow the sheltered English approach.

Crest View has a nationally recognized environmental site on our grounds. The Habitat, developed by parents and staff, enables us to extend our experience based science and social studies programs. Our school has received the John Irwin School of Excellence Award from the Colorado Department of Education. Our goal is to achieve educational excellence for each child by meeting their academic, social, emotional and physical needs. To do so, we are committed to developing a positive working relationship among our students, families, staff and community.


 School Mission and Vision


Mission: to help develop competent, confident, and compassionate citizens who will be able to contribute and compete in tomorrow’s society.

Emphasis: Our emphasis centers on excellence in the areas of 1) fundamental academic skills, 2) appreciation of the arts, cultures, the environment and health, 3) critical thinking and creative problem solving, 4) collaborative , 5) student-oriented programming, and 6) parent contribution as an extension of the faculty.

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