The BVSD Staff EcoPass Program

​​Together we made it happen!


What’s an Eco Pass?


The BVSD Staff EcoPass is an annual RTD transit pass and district-wide employee benefit providing free, unlimited access to all Local and Regional bus and rail routes in the Denver metropolitan area. A trip to DIA on the SkyRide, for example, is free with your EcoPass.


EcoPass Advantages

  • Easy-to-Use: Tap your pass as you board and you’re on the way

  • Wide Coverage: Go anywhere RTD goes: Denver International Airport, Eldora Ski Resort, downtown Denver, and more

  • Stress Relief: Avoid traffic and let someone else do the driving

  • ​Valuable: Priced at $1,881 a year when purchased directly from RTD

  • Bicycles Ride Too: All RTD buses have bike rack

  • Guaranteed Ride Home: Free taxi service in the event of unexpected change in work schedule

  • Eco Pass Coupons:​ Loaded with offers from our community partners.





The annual cost is a mere $60 thanks to tremendous financial support of individual employees like you.






The funding is similar to the way group insurance is set up so we are limited to emloyees who are eligible for health benefits. For an employee, this means having a regular assignment with an .5 FTE or greater. Though it's a frequent question, sorry but spouses and children are not included in the program.




Rolling Enrollment


Each employee who would like a BVSD Eco Pass needs to enroll in the program and contribute $60 through a payroll deduction. Upon receipt, your new Eco Pass is ready to use. To sign-up, simply complete the electronic enrollment form and your new Eco Pass will be sent to your school within a week by district mail.




Replacement Eco Pass


Printing a replacement card is easy. Please contact a program coordinator listed below. There's a fee of $10.00 as a payroll deduction to cover the administrative costs and put something into the program. 






Please contact:
Landon Hilliard, or 720-561-5931
Susana Aguirre, or 720-561-5022




Enroll anytime in the BVSD Staff EcoPass Program.





*Employees enrolled in the 2016 Staff Eco Pass Program do not need to re-enroll to continue participation in 2017.


** The official Enrollment Campaign takes place September 1 - September 30, 2016 though you are welcome to enroll anytime you wish.



All those enrolled in the program as of September 30, 2016 will receive 2017 Eco Pass Coupons in October.