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All NEW course proposals will be submitted ANNUALLY for review to the Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services & Equity prior to being submitted to the Content Curriculum Council and the Curriculum Coordinating Council for approval.

For implementation in the beginning of the following school year and inclusion in a course description booklet, the following dates should be followed:

1.  Course Proposal Submission date to the Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services and Equity: August 31st

E-mail Ann Hamilton at ann.hamilton@bvsd.org the following items (ALL 3 items must be submitted):

  • CED (in Word)

  • Syllabus (in Word)

  • Proposal (Google Form)

  • Fee Application (only required if fee is being proposed) (Google Form)

2.  Content Curriculum Council meets in October

  • Contact content area Director, to get on Curriculum Council agenda to present course.

3.  Curriculum Coordinating Council meets: on or prior to November 1st 

4.  Board Approval: December


*Any proposals submitted after August 31st, will be reviewed in August of the following year.* CED and Syllabus must be submitted as a Word document.


Title Change / Credit Change / Graduation Requirement Change:  Please only complete the proposal. 


Please contact Ann Hamilton at 720-561-5177 for any questions. 

Fee Application