In Spring 2012, proposed curriculum revisions for the following subject areas were brought before the Boulder Valley Board of Education:

Fine Arts
Physical Education
Social Studies
Language Arts


Order of Presentations:
January -- Mathematics - Study 1/24; approval 2/14
February -- Fine Arts, PE and Health - Study 2/14; approval 2/28
March -- Social Studies - Study 3/13; approval 4/10
April -- Language Arts - Study 4/10; approval 4/24
May -- Science - Study 5/8; approval 5/22

Each presentation included:

  • Overview of changes in content area
  • Specific look at one grade level to give an idea of what teachers will have available to them
      * At-A-Glance Page
      * Standards pages with GLEs, Evidence Outcomes, etc.
  • General look at what the district will provide
  •   * Curriculum maps
      * Unit plan templates
      * Instructional Management System for interactive sharing of resources
  • Implications for adoption of new curriculum on district and on schools
      * Materials
      * Professional Development
  • Q and A
    District Master Course Descriptions
    January 17, 2012 - Principal Presentation

     Transition Documents

    Math Transition Documents
    Social Studies Transition Documents
    Science Transition Documents
    Language Arts Transition Documents
    Physical Education Transition Documents
    Visual Art Transition Documents
    Music Transition Documents