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Communications & Translation Services
BVSD Communications Division

720-561-5824 | communications@bvsd.org | BVSD Education Center, 6500 East Arapahoe Road, Boulder 80303

Staff Members

Briggs Gamblin, Director of Communications
phone: 720-561-5823

Serves as district spokesperson, BVSD Cabinet member, and main point of contact for media relations. Directs community outreach efforts and oversees district legislative policy work.

Maela Moore, Communications Manager
phone: 720-561-5825

Manages district brand strategy, marketing activities and social media presence. Oversees daily communications workflow and operations. Content manager for district homepage, board pages, communications pages and superintendent's pages. 

Jade Cody, Communications Specialist
phone: 720-561-5156

Edits and designs print publications including BVSD annual report, School Food Project lunch calendar, Inside BVSD employee newsletter, various district handbook covers, posters, post cards, calendars, departmental logos, etc. Designs and places district ads. Photographs BVSD students and staff for news releases, web display and print publications. 

Adriana Hodges, Translations Coordinator
phone: 720-561-5079

Translates from English-Spanish all official district-wide documents (e.g., district policies, parent handbooks, assessments, curriculum, health-related forms, transportation information, report cards, program descriptions, district forms, student contracts, mailings to parents and emergency notifications). Interprets as needed. Coordinates, conducts, scores and evaluates Sp/Eng assessments of potential bilingual staff (paraeducators, tutors, secretaries, and others). Maintains lists of qualified translators and interpreters. Recruits translators of diverse languages spoken by district students. Audits weekly event reports and contracts created by other departments and schools for translation services.

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Communications & Translation Services
BVSD Education Center, P.O. Box 9011
6500 East Arapahoe Road, Boulder, CO 80303 
Phone: 720-561-5824 | Fax: 720-561-5134
Email: communications@bvsd.org