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BVSD Bond Program

Thanks to BVSD voters, who approved the unprecedented bond issue on the November 2014 ballot, our district will be able to make significant and lasting improvements that will benefit every student. The $576.5 million bond program will enhance the learning environment in every school and support the strategic plan goals in learning, talent and partnerships.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

What​'s happening now

Discovery Reports set direction for new school designs
In September, school communities across the district gathered together to begin to envision their new buildings. Thanks to the generous voters in BVSD, Creekside, Douglass and Emerald will be replaced with new buildings, Centaurus will undergo major renovation and a new school will be constructed in Erie to serve grades PK-8. The first steps in the design process were Discovery Visits with the architects to gather input from the community to build a common vision for each school. Key discoveries from those conversations will guide the designs of the new schools and renovations and are highlighted in the Discovery Reports at the links below.
Centaurus Discovery Report (coming soon) 

Substantial progress made in first six months of bond implementation

Since the bond passed last November, staff have been putting plans in place to lay the groundwork for successful implementation. Design work for some projects will begin as soon as next month with some construction taking place this summer. Recently staff presented a six-month update to the board of education. View the presentation

To provide a high level of accountability and transparency in the implementation of the Bond Program, the Board of Education has appointed a Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC). The committee will offer independent review of the capital improvement projects described in the Educational Facilities Master Plan.​

The Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee is comprised of voluntary representatives of the Boulder Valley School District community. The committee’s membership reflects the diversity of BVSD and its varied stakeholder interests. ​Learn more​

First round of bonds totaling $250 million sold
Competitive bids reflect market’s high level of confidence in the district

In April, BVSD issued the first set of bonds for the $576 million bond program approved by voters last November. The bids received reflect the bond market’s very high level of confidence in the district, which results in lower interest cost for taxpayers. Proceeds from the $250 million issuance will fund the first phase of the bond program.

The district accepted offers from prospective underwriters for its Series 2015 General Obligation Bonds. The district’s bonds carry high-grade ratings from Moody’s (“Aa1”), Standard & Poor’s (“AA”) and Fitch (“AA+”). The bonds were offered using a competitive bid process on the internet, and BVSD received six bids for the full amount of the issue. The best bid was submitted by Morgan Stanley, with a True Interest Cost (“TIC”) of 3.857%. The five other bidders were Citigroup, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo Bank, J.P. Morgan and Barclay’s Capital. The other five bids ranged from 3.874% to 3.994%. Morgan Stanley’s bid, which produces the lowest overall cost to the district, was accepted. 

Since the successful passage of 3A, a considerable amount of time has been spent in developing the Phase 1 project list along with the sizing and issuance of the first series of bonds. In addition, numeroudiscussions framing how the projects will be managed and organizing the accountability system have also occurred. Read more

THANK YOU! A message of gratitude from Dr. Messinger
On behalf of the Boulder Valley School District it is my honor and pleasure to thank our communities for the tremendous support that led to and resulted in the passage of 3A, approving the sale of $576 million in bonds to finance the educational facility master plan and make significant improvements in all BVSD schools and grounds. Read more

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