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Boulder Valley Educational Office Professionals (BVEOP )
BVEOP provides representation and services to all Unit D members, promoting individual and collective benefits. We also represent members in the formulation of school district policies and to improve members’ working conditions, salaries and benefits through such representation. And lastly, as office professionals we are proud to be part of the Boulder Valley School District and community.

President                Kathy Kinney                 kathy.kinney@bvsd.org                720-561-3704

Advisor ProTem       Barbara Olsen               barbara.olsen@bvsd.org               720-561-4202

Vice President         Christine Buchholtz       christine.buchholtz@bvsd.org         720-561-5019

Secretary                Maureen Keeney           maureen.keeney@bvsd.org           720-561-7004

Treasurer                Debbie Sedelmeier        debbie.sedelmeier@bvsd.org         720-561-5930