While individual board members must reside in the district which they represent, they are elected by all district voters for four-year terms.
Below is the contact information for each member, along with the district he/she represents. Click the district to see a map of the area that board member represents.

To send an email to all seven board members, address it to bvs.board@bvsd.org

BVSD Board of Education 1516 board page.png

Boulder Valley Board of Education - January 2016
Richard Garcia; Sam Fuqua, President; Shelly Benford; Tina Marquis, Treasurer;
Tom Miers; Kathy Gebhardt; Jennie Belval, Vice-President

District A 
Shelly Benford
Term Expires: 2019

District B
Tina Marquis - Treasurer
Term Expires: 2017
District C 
Kathy Gebhardt
Term Expires: 2019
District D
Sam Fuqua - President
Term Expires: 2019
District E
Tom Miers

Term Expires: 2017
District F - Vice-President
Jennie Belval
Term Expires: 2017

District G
Richard Garcia
Term Expires: 2019