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The Nurse Care Coach These brief videos cover a range of information about the role of the Nurse Care Coach (NCC for short); from the services she provides to how she works with your physician as part of your care team and how your medical information is kept private.
This series was created by the clinicians in your local Boulder Valley Care Network for members of the Boulder Valley School District's Standard and Basic benefit plans. To learn more about your local Boulder Valley Care Network please visit BVSD's Benefit's webpage or visit mybvcn.org
To contact Debra Kirk RN, BSN your NCC, please email her at DKirk@bvipa.com.

The Nurse Care Coordinator
Lifestyle changes can be challenging to make on your own. Even knowing where to start can be a hurdle to overcome. To help you get started and have the support you need along the way, you could look to your local health care team for help.
It used to be that you had one doctor who took care of all your health care needs and knew your medical history. Today, health care looks dramatically different - and the changes will continue to accelerate as new technologies are introduced to aid in the management of health. These changes have led to the importance of clinicians working together -- team-based health care -- who can pull from different backgrounds and resources to provide the best, comprehensive care for the patient. What is a health care team? Your health care team is the group of health experts that work together to make sure you get coordinated, high-quality care that's centered on your preferences and needs.
If you want to add to your care team, you have a great resource available to you as part of your Cigna Standard or Basic health plan. The Nurse Care Coordinator & Coach is a resource we offer you, free of charge. Debra Kirk is a registered nurse with the Boulder Valley Care Network, and she is an important part of your health care team. She is here to help you meet your health goals in ways that work for you and align with your physicians' recommendations. It's strictly confidential - and her time is dedicated to supporting BVSD employees and dependents, especially those with a chronic disease.
To learn more, start by watching these videos. http://vimeopro.com/hawkview/bvsd-the-nurse-care-coordinator-and-coach-series or visit www.mybvcn.org. If you don't already have a primary care physician, we encourage you to establish a relationship with a primary care physician. If you need a recommendation for a primary care physician, Debra can help.
You can contact Boulder Valley Care Network Care Coordinator & Coach, Debra Kirk, RN, directly at 303-530-5289 or dkirk@bvipa.com
or visit http://www.mybvcn.org/.

After Hours Health Care

This video offers information about how to access after hours medical care:

  • How to access your physician after hours
  • When to go to an urgent care center
  • When to go directly to an Emergency Room or call 911

After Hours Health Care (VIDEO)

After Hours Medical Advice



 Boulder Valley Care Network Providers


The BVCN is a large group of providers in the Boulder region who have organized themselves as a clinically collaborative entity via a Memorandum of Understanding. They are directed by a formal Steering Committee comprising of leaders from each provider group or IPA.
Their purpose is to collaborate with each other in order to:
1) create policies, procedures, and protocols to assist the provider parties in working on the Boulder Valley School District’s (BVSD) Clinical Quality Plan and
2) to expand their capabilities to enable the parties to offer similar collaborative solutions to other regional employer benefit plans and
3) to improve the health of the people in the region.
All clinical programs are overseen by the Medical Directors Advisory Committee, which is made up of physicians from each provider group. The BVCN is an Organized Health Care Arrangement (OHCA) under HIPPA, enabling these providers to share clinical data amongst themselves in their efforts towards clinical quality and integration.
The BVCN covers all of Boulder County, Broomfield County, South West Weld County and South Larimer County. It includes the cities of Boulder, Longmont, Broomfield, Lafayette, Louisville, Erie, Niwot, Superior, Firestone, Frederick and Dacono. There are over 600,000 people in the service area.


 Generic Prescription drugs


 In an effort to reduce the financial barrier to appropriate care, local physicians from the Boulder Valley Care Network (www.mybvcn.org), in partnership with BVSD and Express Scripts, identified certain high quality drugs to reduce co-payments. Beginning July 1, 2011, for members on the Standard and Basic Plans, the co-pays for 33 prescription drugs will be $0.

See the shopper’s guide to information from the Consumer Reports Health Best Buy Drugs™ project. The mission of the Consumer Reports Health Best Buy Drugs™ project is to provide consumers and their doctors with information to help guide prescription drug choices–based on effectiveness, a drug's track record, safety and price.
Prescription drugs come in two basic forms–brand name drugs and generic drugs. Generic drugs are copies of brand medicines whose patents have expired. A generic drug has exactly the same active ingredients as the brand drug it copies. The only difference is price and how the pills look: generics are much less expensive and by law are not allowed to look exactly like the brands they copy (a certain color or shaped pill, for example).
The project’s recommendation is that you talk to your doctor about your prescription when it is being written in his or her office. You should inquire whether the prescription is for a brand or generic, and learn why your doctor has prescribed one or the other.
Complete information about the project is available at


Consumer Reports - Best Buy Drugs  










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